Undergraduate Study in Cognitive Science

UCF’s Cognitive Sciences minor exposes students to the interdisciplinary study of mind, brain, and cognition, broadly construed. It has been designed to complement the coursework of students interested in graduate work in differing areas such as philosophy, psychology, anthropology, biology, communication studies, computer science, digital media, education, management/marketing and MIS, and medicine. Additionally, the cognitive sciences minor also provides a more comprehensive educational background for students interested in careers in the fields of modeling and simulation, neural network modeling, neuroimaging, information technology, clinical or counseling psychology, biotechnology, and others.


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Graduate Study in Cognitive Science

The Graduate Certificate in Cognitive Sciences gives you an opportunity to pursue interdisciplinary study of mind, brain and cognition, broadly construed.

This interdisciplinary Graduate Certificate draws together a wide range of courses in Philosophy, Psychology, Communicative Disorders, Computer Science, and English (linguistics). You may find this program useful if you are:
• Pursuing a Masters or PhD degree at UCF, interested in supplementing your program with interdisciplinary study of cognition.
• An employee of a nearby technical company or a teacher in a local schools wanting to enhance your educational credentials.

• A graduate of an undergraduate major in a related discipline interested in interdisciplinary graduate study at UCF.


• Pursuing the UCF Masters in Liberal Studies degree fulfilling the 18 credit concentration requirement.

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