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Dr. Fiore inducted into UCF's Scroll and Quill Society.

The honor recognizes faculty who have made a national and international impact through their research, teaching and service.



   Naturalistic Decision Making


Dr. Fiore on the Naturalistic Decision Making Podcast



Dr. Fiore on Aptima's MINDWORKS Podcast

Much of our work today gets carried out by teams. Teams of humans, teams of humans and machines, distributed teams, virtual teams—almost all of us operate in teams. But what exactly is a team? What differentiates high performing teams from low performing ones? Can advances in team science help improve team performance? In this first episode exploring “The ABCs of Teams,” Daniel talks to Dr. Nancy Cooke, the Director of Arizona State University’s Center for Human, AI and Robot Teams, and Dr. Stephen Fiore, Director of the Cognitive Sciences Laboratory at UCF, leading experts in the field of team science. 

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Collaborative problem solvers are made not born -
here’s what you need to know

From the biggest 'wicked' problems on down, finding solutions
to challenges depends on working together collaboratively. Students
think they're good at this, but they aren't. Here's what could help.



Solving 21st-century problems requires skills
that few are trained in, scientists find




Collective behavior researchers
bring attention to field of study

A special journal issue looks at how teams and
the spaces they work in contribute to their behavior.



Crossroads concert, workshops to focus on global sustainability (UCF Today)

Dr. Fiore discusses how performance art and science
work hand in hand for PBS SciTech Central.


The Crossroads Project blends poetry, photographs,
and music with the science of sustainability.


Panel presentation at the D.C. Art Science Evening Rendezvous 
(Cultural Programs of the National Academy of Sciences)

Collaborative cognition: redefining spaces to extend cognition